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Personal Records

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When did you start running? Why?

I continue to run because...

What is your favorite distance/event? Why?

Where does training fall on your list of priorities?

My short term running goals are:

My long term running goals are:

What are your goals for the program?

List your strengths as an athlete? As a person?

Why do you want to participate in the Emerging Elites Training Program

What other sports/activities are you involved in?

Do you have access to free weights, pool, elliptical trainers or stationary bikes? Please list.

Do you have pre-season training before school starts in September?

What other running camps have you participated in?
    If applicable, why did you select that camp? What components did you like/dislike?

Do you plan on pursuing sports in college?

List your weaknesses as an athlete? As a person?

How did you hear about the Emerging Elites Programs?


  Please indicate which program(s) you are applying for:
   College Counseling
   2015 Fall Program
   2015 Fall Consultation Program
   2015-2016 Winter Program (Training Group)
   2015-2016 Winter Program (Competition Group)
   2016 Spring Program
   2016 Spring Consultation Program
   2016 Summer Program


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